Marco Rubio’s State of the Union YouTube Video Response

Marco Rubio's State of the Union YouTube Video ResponseHere is Marco Rubio’s State of the Union YouTube Video Response to President Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address. If you missed the State of the Union Address first watch this enhanced YouTube video that adds some more information along with the President Barack Obama’s speech.

2013 State of the Union Address Enhanced Youtube Video

This is not one of the strongest responses the GOP has delivered to the State of the Union Addresses. Marco Rubio doesn’t deliver a terribly well prepared response as he contradicts himself on several important points. Knowing what the talking points are going to be it should be expected to have a better and more organized response. Sticking to the regular stump speech points is a little lazy for a response to the State of the Union.

Marco Rubio’s State of the Union YouTube Video Response

2013 State of the Union Address Enhanced Youtube Video

2013 State of the Union Address Enhanced Youtube VideoPresident Obama delivers the 2013 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation in this enhanced YouTube video. Here President Barack Obama lets the American people know the state of America.

President Barack Obama then proceeds to go through his goals and aspirations for his second term in this enhanced YouTube video.

In this enhanced YouTube video on the 2013 State of the Union Address has many overlays and other information added throughout President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

So if you have not yet the State of the Union yet or are watching again to get a deeper understanding of the goals ahead this is the version to watch.

2013 State of the Union Address Enhanced Youtube Video

President Barack Obama YouTube Weekly Video Address on January, 26th 2013

President Barack Obama Weekly Address YouTube Video January, 26th 2013President Obama discusses his nomination of Mary Jo White to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission and Richard Cordray to continue as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

President Obama also runs through his goals for the years and what he wants to get done during his second term in office. Unfortunately the signs are pointing to the GOP keeping their game pretty much the same. So the pressure from the people America needs to increase to remind the Republicans that there last term shenanigans did not go unnoticed. We have huge challenges in America today and we need both political parties to work together to solve the problems they were elected to address.

President Barack Obama Weekly Address YouTube Video January, 26th 2013

President Barack Obama Weekly Address January 5th, 2013

congress2The first weekly address by President Barack Obama was one of good news, kind of. The good news is, Congress was able to pass a OK bill to head off the Fiscal Cliff. However, they definitely kicked a few things down the road. Namely, the Fiscal Cliff and much more budget work that needs to be done. It is great to hear that the tax burden in this country is being more evenly spread. It is also good to see that the GOP can compromise, even when Beoner is not willing to.

The next debt ceiling debate is coming up soon and it is poised to be another repeat of what happened before. President Barack Obama sees this fight coming and is already working to get ahead of that battle.

It was clear what the Debt Ceiling Debacle did to our economy before and it can’t be allowed to happen again. Even though the GOP still holds a majority in Congress, here’s hoping that they have a little more sense than the last Congress, even by a little. With the last minute save of the Fiscal Cliff, there is some hope this may be true.

President Barack Obama Weekly Address January 5th, 20113 Video

President Barack Obama Weekly Address December 30th, 2012

people-politico-penny-pileI hope everyone has had a good holiday season, and I hope that it continues!

Here is this weeks President Obama’s weekly address to the country. As expected it is still focused on the Fiscal Cliff as Congressional Republicans still fail to do their jobs. They are still fighting for the rich and ready and willing to screw the other 98% America for them once again. It is depressing but it is not unexpected. It seems we are stuck in a quagmire with the GOP with little hope of any real solutions. Thankfully, this debacle should stick in American minds like the Debt Ceiling talks did. So when the mid term elections come around we can finish kicking these obstructionist idiots out of our government.

Please do not buy into the standard 30 second broken record BS speech that Beoner has been giving daily. The Democrats have been offering a mountain of solutions for two years, not two months, but they are just dead set on not letting them get anything done. In turn the GOP and Republicans continue to screw us and America. It is become painfully obvious they are not patriots. Doing the best thing for 2% does NOT HELP the 98% of the country it screws. If they were real patriots that loved America and their people they would be fighting for the 98%. So keep that in mind as we zip off the Fiscal Cliff. Unless of course you like to watch America’s economy crash and burn. If that is the case, keep voting Republican. If you want to real progress, vote for people that have a chance of compromise and working for the greater good of our country.

Happy New Year.

Here is President Barack Obama’s Weekly Address for December 30th, 2012

President Barack Obama Weekly Address December 8th, 2012

people-politico-reflecting-pool-political-buildingIn President Barack Obama Weekly Address for 12/8/12 he urges people to push their congress to come to a compromise before America goes over the Fiscal Cliff.

President Barack Obama points out a few of the highlights of what will happen if we end up going over the Fiscal Cliff if Republicans in Congress can not come to a reasonable compromise. If the recent history of the Republicans are any indication there is little hope that any compromise will be made.

Here are a few of the key points of what will happen as laid out by President Barack Obama in this weeks weekly address.

  • Tax Cuts end at the end of 2012.
  • All Families will see a typical tax increase of $2,200 going over the Fiscal Cliff.
  • Congress can pass tax cuts on everyone’s income up to $250,000, including those that make more.
  • 98% of Americans would not see a tax increase.
  • Congress can pass tax increase on income of over$250,000.
  • 97% of American Businesses would not see a tax increase.

Here is the videoof President Barack Obama Weekly Address for December 8th, 2012.


President Barack Obama Weekly Address December 1st, 2012

people-politico-steps-government-buildingPresident Barack Obama is at it again. He is pushing Congress to pass legislation to keep middle class American’s from getting a tax hike of $2,200 in lieu of the upper 2% of American’s paying their fair share. It is not a surprise to anyone that Congress is once again up to their same old destructive tricks. The Senate has already passed a bill that will stop America from going over the fiscal cliff and the Democrats in the Congress are ready to pass this same bill.

The frustrating this is that both Democrats and Republicans have publicly agreed that they do not want middle class taxes to go up. So what is the deal Republicans? Do your job, pass this bill and then please, for the love that is all that is good, figure out how to work with Democrats and solve this deficit problem that Republicans created in the first place.

President Barack Obama urges you to call, email, or tweet your representatives and tell them how important it is to pass this legislation. You don’t want your taxes to increase. Neither do the Republicans or Democrats. So do it. Get it done. Do your jobs and lets get to other pressing issues that are facing America. When you tweet your representatives, make sure you include the hash tag #My2k. Let’s bombard them with popular support so we can get this done and avoid the fiscal cliff.

President Barack Obama’s Weekly National Address for December 1st, 2012

President Barack Obama Weekly Address Nov 17, 2012

people-politico-flag-cloudsHere is the Presidential weekly address for November 17th, 2012. This week President Barack Obama is still focused on the looming fiscal cliff. President Obama continues to focus on the cooperations needed in congress. Bills have already been passed by the Senate and are ready to solve this every increasing problem of the fiscal cliff but it will require cooperation from the Republican held Congress. This alone may be a long shot since the Congress has made a point of blocking and stopping anything that has come through. If you doubt this in any way look at what they did to downgrade America’s credit rating when it should have been an otherwise standard increase of the debt ceiling. Now the fear is that after holding America hostage for political gains they are going to hold the middle class and small business holders hostage.Additional public pressure will be needed to make sure that Congress becomes willing to work with President Obama. There are some signs that this might be working.

It seems that this week President Obama is working to keep everyone engaged. He didn’t come out and say it directly but I think it was implied, that everyone needs to urge their Congressman to work with the President to get this financial cliff taken care of so we can move forward with repairing America.

That is my take on President Barack Obama’s November 17th weekly address but I urge everyone to watch it themselves. Below is the President’s address in full.

President Barack Obama Weekly Adress Nov 10, 2012

This week President Barack Obama talks about the economy and what we need to do to keep it moving forward. The main focus of this address is on who is going to be paying more or less taxes in the years to come. The Bush Era Tax Cuts needs to come to an end so the most wealthy in this country are paying their fair share. President Barack Obama also stated that the middle class tax breaks need to be extended to keep the slow recovery of the middle class moving forward. The President said that the voters choose the vision they wanted for America in the recent election. Congress now needs to step forward and pass these middle class tax cuts immediately as a sign of good faith that they understand what the American people want and will work towards helping the people in America.

It is definitely time that the Congress stop what they have done over the last two years and push to get this issues resolved. They need to remember what compromise is and move forward to get legislation passed so that we can improve the rate of the recovery of America and move us into the future.

Here is President Barack Obama’s Weekly Address in its entirety. Its just a couple minutes long so please take the time to watch it.

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