President Barack Obama Weekly Adress Nov 10, 2012

This week President Barack Obama talks about the economy and what we need to do to keep it moving forward. The main focus of this address is on who is going to be paying more or less taxes in the years to come. The Bush Era Tax Cuts needs to come to an end so the most wealthy in this country are paying their fair share. President Barack Obama also stated that the middle class tax breaks need to be extended to keep the slow recovery of the middle class moving forward. The President said that the voters choose the vision they wanted for America in the recent election. Congress now needs to step forward and pass these middle class tax cuts immediately as a sign of good faith that they understand what the American people want and will work towards helping the people in America.

It is definitely time that the Congress stop what they have done over the last two years and push to get this issues resolved. They need to remember what compromise is and move forward to get legislation passed so that we can improve the rate of the recovery of America and move us into the future.

Here is President Barack Obama’s Weekly Address in its entirety. Its just a couple minutes long so please take the time to watch it.