Hope Survives as President Barack Obama Wins a Second Term

After the long and often nasty campaign, President Barack Obama has won a second term in the oval office. He won by a pretty good margin, with the numbers between the two candidates not being nearly as close as predicted. This in of itself says a lot about our political environment and the accuracy of our media here in America. I think it also says a lot about the GOP platform and the way that Republicans have been conducting their everyday affairs.

However, I don’t want to delve too deep into the repercussions of the 2012 General Election. First and foremost I wanted to congratulate President Barack Obama and the Democrats on their gains in the senate. There was a lot said in the numbers of the election and who was elected and rejected. I think one of the most important things that was said about this election is that America is not nearly as forgetful about the past as I feared. I think it also shows that even though many are not too happy with the reality of America right now, people still understand the failing that was taken place before him, and the work that needed to be done when he entered office. I find it comforting that it appears people do have an understanding that President Barack Obama and his administration has done some very important things to right the sinking ship they boarded.

As you may have noticed over the last year or so I, along with many others, have become more and more disheartened by the state of our country and its politics. I have written many articles about the breakdown of basic human respect and the inability for our politicians to get anything done. I have been particularly displeased about the Republicans’ publicly stated agenda and fervently held mandate to not work on the issues of America but instead use every ounce of energy to undermine President Obama and the Democrats, focusing their energy on this openly hostile stance instead of focusing on taking care of the urgent issues of the day. This went as far as voting against legislation that the Republicans themselves had originally drafted just to undermine anything and everything that President Obama tried to do. The Republicans were ultimately working to undermine America itself for political gain. I was worried that people at large were buying into this treacherous spin and not placing the blame where it truly belonged. Last night proved to me that the people are paying attention to this behavior and that they do not approve. Thank you for standing up and voting down this tragic, self-destructive, and unpatriotic ideology. I know this will not go away completely, but hopefully the message was heard and we can all move towards a little more cooperation in the years to come.

I have also been incredibly disheartened by the vast amounts of cash that have been shoveled into these elections. I think this victory shows that even though money could possibly sway votes one way or the other it is not a guaranteed thing. Maybe the millions and billions of dollars tossed into this campaign will show that even though an unprecedented amount of money was tossed at this election it couldn’t be fully bought. This also lends to hope that maybe we can take some steps forward toward campaign finance reform and regulations. There have been piles of evidence, literally, that have been uncovered to show how corrupt the Citizens United decision was and how corrupting it has been on the election process. Check out Big Sky Big Money on Frontline for more on this sad development.

Lastly my hope was fading as I have been speaking to those around me for years regarding the political environment that we are in. I am very passionate about this as I see how our decisions and the decisions of those around us really do change this country. I know the wounds are still raw and the hope or disappointment is fresh but this election shows that through open, honest, and respectful dialogue we can become better and we can make America greater. I would like to think that through the tenants of being respectful, understanding, and empathetic I have been able to have civil conversations with those around me that do not agree about things politically. But through this discourse we were able to work through some of the issues and come to understand one another’s point of view. In so doing I think we help to make each other’s decisions more sound, educated, and beneficial for the greater good. I hope you feel the same with those around you.

Whether you are happy or disappointed about the outcome of this election, the fact of the matter is that we are all Americans and we all love this country. I think we all want what is best for ourselves as well as each other. The trick is to keep moving forward together to a greater, more prosperous America. I for one have been renewed with hope and a promise of a better future. I hope you are too.