President Obama Weekly YouTube Video for 3-16-2013

people-politico-save-moneyThis week’s Presidential Weekly address changes focus onto America’s energy policies and the push for more energy stability and independence. This is definitely a political topic that has not gotten the attention it deserves. It is good to see President Obama putting more focus on this urgent political issue.

President Obama discusses the need to harness American energy in order to reduce our dependence on oil and make the United States a magnet for new jobs. He highlights his all-of-the-above approach to American energy — including a proposal to establish an Energy Security Trust, which invests in research that will help shift our cars and trucks off of oil.

Weekly Presidential YouTube Address for March 16, 2013

President Obama Weekly YouTube Video for 2-16-2013

President Obama Weekly YouTube Video for Febuary 16th 2013In this week’s address, President Obama calls for quick action on the proposals he made during the State of the Union to grow our economy and create jobs, including making America a magnet for manufacturing, strengthening our education system through high-quality preschool for every child, and raising the minimum wage.

It’s nice to see a focus on education in America as it has been lagging behind rest of the world for some time now. Though it is hard to see how we can move forward with these goals with the GOP’s continued unmoving stance that we must cut spending on everything, instead of increasing it. Even when it has been proven time again that the spending that goes into much of these things, such as education, is actually a huge investment in America’s future. Some of these investments return more that what is invested through overall long term GDP growth.

Anyway, check out President Barack Obama’s weekly video address as he lays out his goals to boost American public education.

President Obama Weekly YouTube Video for February 16th 2013