Conspiracy Theory Handbook


The Conspiracy Theory Handbook is a great resource to help us stick with conventional thinking instead of falling into the trap of conspiracy thinking. It lays out in an excellent way the subtle but important differences between conventional thinking and conspiracy thinking.

However, they are hard to spot and even harder to combat. Though I have hope that if enough people are armed with the tools of powerful, critical conventional thinking, we can help sway the tide of misinformation, conspiracies, and falsehoods in our and others realities. 

Conspiracy Theory Handbook


This is an incredibly important topic. The differences in these types of thinking can make a huge difference in how we handle information we receive, what we let influence us, and how close to the real truth of things we can get. The closer to the true reality of things the better we can assess situations and make good, meaningful decisions about them. 

The source of this handbook is:

Another great resource to help keep your thinking clear is understanding and defending against our cognitive biases.