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What Does Our Government Do?

reflecting-fountainHow we love to hate our government. Have you really stopped to think about what our government actually does for us? Here is a incomplete list of 100 things of what our government does, or has done, for the American people.

100 Things Government Does For Americans

  1. Air Force

  2. Army

  3. Art Galleries

  4. Automobile Licensing

  5. Automobile Safety

  6. Bill of Rights

  7. Business Incorporation

  8. Border Protection

  9. Coal Energy & Subsidies

  10. College

  11. Computer Research and Development

  12. Congress

  13. Constitution

  14. Countless Innovations for Everyday Life

  15. Courthouses

  16. Disaster Assistance

  17. Disaster Recovery

  18. Early Childhood Services

  19. Elementary Schools

  20. Environmental Protection

  21. Export Trade

  22. Fair Business Practices

  23. Financial Aid

  24. Fire Fighters

  25. Fire Fighting

  26. First Time Home Buyer

  27. Flood Management

  28. Food Safety

  29. Food Stamps

  30. Foreign Affairs

  31. Foster Care

  32. Free Media

  33. Fresh Water

  34. Gas Energy & Subsidies

  35. Global Positioning System

  36. Grants

  37. Health Care

  38. Health Standards

  39. High Schools

  40. Highways

  41. Homeownership Assistance

  42. Housing Assistance

  43. Hydropower

  44. Import Trade

  45. Independent News

  46. Internet

  47. Jailhouses

  48. Judicial System

  49. Land Management

  50. Law Creation

  51. Law Enforcement

  52. Librarians

  53. Libraries

  54. Living Standards

  55. Marines

  56. Medical Safety

  57. Medicare

  58. Memorials

  59. Mental Health

  60. Middle Schools

  61. Museums

  62. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

  63. National Defense

  64. National Guard

  65. National Parks

  66. National Security

  67. Navy

  68. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

  69. NPR (National Public Radio)

  70. Oil Energy & Subsidies

  71. PBS (Public Broadcasting Station)

  72. Personal Protection

  73. Police Officers

  74. Power Research and Development

  75. Preschools

  76. Prisons

  77. Product Safety

  78. Protecting Our Liberties

  79. Public Schools

  80. Railroads

  81. Rescue Workers

  82. Roads

  83. School Teachers

  84. Senate

  85. Sewage Treatment

  86. Smithsonian Institute

  87. Social Security

  88. Solar Power

  89. Special Needs Assistance

  90. State Parks

  91. Student Aid

  92. Student Loans

  93. Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

  94. Unemployment Insurance

  95. Unemployment Job Assistance

  96. United States Postal Service

  97. Weather Satellites

  98. Wind Energy & Subsidies

  99. Youth Development

  100. Zoos

This is far from a complete list of what our government does for us. This was simply meant to get us to stop and think about what government really does. It does a lot, nobody can argue that fact.

Feel free to post in the comments below any that you thought of while going through this list.

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4 comments to What Does Our Government Do?

  • And our tax dollars fund all of this. We the people who pay taxes are the ones that keep government running.

    Have a terrific day. :)

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  • Shawn

    This is not a list of things that the government does for us but yet it is a list of things that the government control. There is a difference.

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    • It really could be both. These are the things the government does, what you think of these things is the difference I think you are pointing out. That, is much more up for interpretation and opinion.

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