Primary or Caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday

Head out to vote in the primary or caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday. It is vitally important! Our power lies in our participation in the political process. One of the places where our vote still holds a huge amount of sway is in primaries and caucuses. It is arguably the place where the individual voter’s vote still has real, tangible power. Use it!

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In some years the differences in candidates for president for each party is minimal. This year is not the case. In fact, the democratic candidates are remarkably different. This difference is will mean whether we have a chance to fix and correct our political system or if we remain in the embarrassing and dysfunction quagmire that is our corrupt political process and government functionality.

Here is the evidence that shows their differences and why voters need to mobilize and caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Comparison

Issue Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
Super PAC Contributions $64 Million

(Many large corporate & banks)



TPP Changed from Support to Opposed

(Supported until started Campaign)

Keystone Pipeline Recently Opposed

(No Stance for a Long Time)

Campaign Contributions 18% Small/82% Large

(Corporations & Banks)

71% Small/29% Large

(Small Business and Individuals)

Presidential Polls against GOP GOP Consistently Wins

(She is very divisive)

Consistently Beats GOP

*Data from:

Primary or Caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday - Bernie Sanders vrs Hillary Clinton

*Chart from:

Primary or Caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday
As demonstrated in by the data above Senator Bernie Sanders has a much more progressive agenda with hopes and plans to continue to improve America. Bernie Sanders is pushing for further steps to tackle every major issue.

Much of what Hillary Clinton proposes is to stick with much of what we already have, such as healthcare and energy policies.

When looking at each candidate’s stance on issues both in the past and present, their outlined plans for American policy, and the drive they have to make a difference in the coming years the choice is clear.

  • Bernie Sanders is the best choice to advance American policy in meaningful ways demonstrated by his decade’s long history of fighting against the corporate takeover of America.
  • Bernie Sanders clearly has the majority of American’s people’s best interest in mind demonstrated by his empathy and vigor through demonstrating for civil rights.
  • Bernie Sanders is the best choice to bridge the gap between people in America demonstrated by his ability to compromise and find middle ground on long lists of passed legislation.

Vote or Caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday

Please take a little time out of your day today and head out to your local Primary or caucus and vote. It is a rich and rewarding experience. Your vote holds significant weight in the outcome of who will end up being the Democratic nominee for president.

Ask those around you if they would like to join you. Make a night out of! It will be fun and it is so very important to be involved in our democratic process. If we don’t use our democracy, we just might lose our democracy.

So get out there today and caucus for Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday!

Midterm Election Voter Help

Voting Help for Midterm ElectionsHere is a little voting help this midterm election. These are all issues that the political realm has debated over the last couple years. The information is out there, but if you haven’t been able to keep up on the insanity of American politics, this little cheat sheet should help.

Ask yourself these yes or no questions and tally up your yes versus no at the end.

  1. Do you make less than a million dollars a year?
  2. Do you have a business that makes less than a million dollars a year?
  3. Do you respect women?
  4. Think women are equal to men?
  5. Do you think men and women can make their own healthcare choices?
  6. Do you believe in freedom of religion?
  7. Do you want money out of politics?
  8. Do you want access to health care?
  9. Do you want to pay reasonable prices for medicine?
  10. Do you want to pay reasonable prices for health care?
  11. Do you like to breathe clean air?
  12. Do you like to drink clean water?
  13. Do you want to keep poison out of your food?
  14. Do you want to stop banks from gambling away America’s future?
  15. Do you want to hold those accountable for the Great Recession?
  16. Do you want to have decent roads to drive on?
  17. Do you want reliable electricity?
  18. Do you want the police to police?
  19. Do you want to stop the spread of Ebola?
  20. Do you want a government that actually functions?
  21. Do you want this America to progress in the world?
  22. Do you want the American Dream?
  23. Do you want a reasonable education?
  24. Do you want decent schools for your children?
  25. Do you want scientific advances to continue?
  26. Do you want medical advances to continue?
  27. Do you want a choice in broadband internet?
  28. Do you like Free Speech?
  29. Do you want a democracy?
  30. Do you want good American jobs?
  31. Do you want American jobs to stay in America?
  32. Do you want renewable energy?
  33. Do you want a sustainable future?
  34. Do you want to slow climate change?
  35. Do you have or want beachfront property?
  36. Do you like any place that is currently on a beach?
  37. Do you want to earn what you are worth?
  38. Do you want to be able to vote without having to pay for it?
  39. Do you think 40,000 lives are more valuable than 40?
  40. Do you want to know what is in your food?
  41. Do you want to be sure your house is not going to collapse on you?
  42. Do you think people should be able to marry who they love?
  43. Do you think that all people deserve to eat?
  44. Do you think we should take care of our veterans?
  45. Do you think we should be the best educated society in the world?
  46. Do you want to be part of the best country in the world?
  47. Do you want to help make this the best country in the world again?
  48. Do you care about the quality of your life?
  49. Do you want a better life?
  50. Do you want to make a difference?

One or More ‘Yes’ on Political Survey

If you answered any of these questions then you definitely need to make sure you vote!

If you answered yes to any these questions than you need to make sure that you vote Democrat or Independent. It is simple as that.

Unless of course you like the government quagmire and enjoy the plummeting quality of life for Americans, then vote Republican.

If you want a better America, if you answered YES to any of the above questions vote anyone other than a Republican. Doing so will help to move the government back to being influenced by the people. It might not be the perfect solution, but at least we should be able to get the slow government machine moving again and working for the people of America.

Get educated and go vote. Thank you for participating in your government, it needs you!

Vote in the 2012 General Election Today!

general-election-2012-stack-ballotsWe have a week left in the 2012 Presidential Election. If you haven’t yet voted be sure to get it done as soon as possible. It is too easy to put off such an important civic duty. The more people that vote in America’s elections the better our democracy is going to work.

One of the great things about technology today is the ability to vote in many different ways. Not only that, technology also gives us an easy gateway to find out what we need to know. The Internet is an excellent tool to find out the information on all of the politicians and political issues that are on the ballot this year. Make sure you take a moment to study up on the political issues that will be up for a vote this November 6th and make sure you vote.

Mail In Ballot

If you have mail in ballots you only have a few more days to turn these in. The cut off in most states is the end of the week. You must have them postmarked by then. If you happen to miss the deadline you can usually turn in the ballots at your local post office.

Use the practice ballot you likely received earlier to mark your choices and write down the questions you have. Then you can research these though the local paper, the blue book, and other political material you have received, as well as on the internet. It shouldn’t take much time and you will have the confidence to cast your vote in a way that is best for you and those around you.

Make sure to check the postage on your mail in ballot as it may need two or three stamps to be mailed. It would be a shame to do all the work only to have your ballot sent back with postage due.

Early Voting

Many states also have early voting. This is also another one of those great conveniences to help get more people out to the polls. Instead of trying to find time during Election Day itself you can go in early and beat the crowds.

Make sure you check the information you should have received in the mail to find out where you can and should vote. If you don’t know where you should vote stop by any polling place in your area and ask them. They should be able to direct you to the proper polling place. If you are unsure where to look most local library’s, community centers, and churches will have polling places in them.

More and more areas across America are allowing not only early voting but the ability to poll at any location in your district. This is very helpful as this makes it easier to stop by a location that is most convenient for you. Who knows, you might live in an area that allows early voting at any polling place. Early voting only takes a couple of minutes so don’t makes excuses, stop by the polls and vote!

Election Day Voting

If you are one of those that like to go on Election Day to the polls or otherwise need to go on Election Day there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

If you are voting during Election Day make an effort to go some time during the day. Mid-morning and early afternoon tend to be the slowest times at the polls on Election Day. This can minimize the amount of time you may be spending there.

You will also want to make sure that you take notes with you so you are sure of your choices in the booth. This way you will be prepared for the issues on the ballot because you have looked them up prior to the polls and made your decision. This avoids the hassle and confusion of trying to figure out what is on the ballot and what it does when you are in the booth. Plus, this helps move the lines along faster and keeps everyone in a good mood.

Lastly, if you are planning to go to the polls on Election Day, make a party out of it! Invite some of your friends, family, siblings, or anyone else to make it fun and enjoyable activity instead of an inconvenience.  This will give you friends to stand in line with, talk about the issues, and enjoy this very important civic activity.  While you’re at it try to invite those that you think may not vote. It can be great to help engage those that are daunted or unsure about the system of our democracy. Bottom line is have fun and get as many involved as you can!

Voting Made Easier (Mostly)

Overall it has become a lot easier to vote in America that it has in the past. With the ability to vote early, cast a vote through mail in ballots, and the ability to utilize the polling place of your choice voting caters to many more American’s needs then in the past. So do not be dissuaded, frustrated or put off about voting. It is our civic duty and a moral imperative as a citizen of the United States of America to be involved in our politics and vote in our elections. If you would like some help ask those around you. If you are an experienced voter, offer your help to those around you.

Good luck, have fun, and go out and vote because every voice counts!